Starwind Earth Friendly Pet Products

We are happy to introduce the Starwind Montana Team


Who am I? I am Sophia Loren, the Little Dog in the Big City.

I am the celebrity spokes dog for Starwind Montana, luxury pet products. I have a human assistant who travels with me and schedules my events. I am on a mission to promote rescue at many fund raising events and Starwind Montana helps me do that.

On Valentine's Day I was on the runway at the 2015 New York Pet Fashion show and at the end of the runway was my favorite Starwind bed that I jumped into. I love Starwind products because I own not only the best bed in the industry but many of the products Starwind produces and use them daily from my bed to my stroller sets and the great piggy tail toy they just started to make over the summer.

I have made several trips telling all my friends about Starwind. I eat regularly at the Pump Restaurant in West Hollywood; I attended human Sophia Loren's American Film Institute (AFI) tribute in Hollywood; The Reel Pet Fashion show in Albuquerque for the Albuquerque Film and Music Experience (AFME) Festival and I went to the Hamptons to show off the Starwind line at the new pop-USA at The DOG Store. I recently attended BarkWorld in Atlanta, GA where I made many new friends and showed off Starwind products. From there I jetted back to my home state of New Mexico to attend some high profile meetings to get me ready for 2016.

From a rescue dog from the mountains of New Mexico to the Little Dog in the Big City who walks the world's biggest runways in doggie Haute Couture and hones my acting craft on various shows and movies. So, what's next for me? Stick around; you will enjoy the ride with me and the Kitty Crew.

Lots of Love and Puppy Kisses!!!

– Little Sophia Loren


Desiree of Starwind
Founder/Owner StarwindMt LLC

I am a Belgium Sheep Dog, Founder and Owner of StarwindMt LLC, a sustainability company. We reclaim and repurpose wood fencing and downed timber to develop healthy chemical free pet furniture. My Executive Assistant is Sharon D. Cochran. We reside at Starwind Ranch near Livingston, Montana that is famous for being a "green" ranch before the term green was ever used.

As Executive Manager I work closely with Sharon planning, designing, marketing and collaborating with the employees and working as a team with our skilled company representatives. Sharon has dedicated her life to the health and wellbeing of animals from equines to canines from the time she was a young child.

She studied with the best Homeopathic Veterinarian, Dr. Richard Pitcarin, to learn how to provide the best care possible to her animals and shared his teachings with other animal lovers. She has educated herself and applied her knowledge to developing the very best chemical free, ecofriendly, healthy pet products in the industry.

Sharon meets life challenges head on. The only one she has not overcome is having enough time in a day! Her most rewarding endeavor is realizing what we have accomplished in two short years developing and bringing to life the vision for Starwind Montana.

Sharon and I share our hearts desires in long conversations and in one of those precious moments she told me, "If I didn't have you for my boss and Starwind, I would focus on growing food using sustainable horticulture".

I love to relax resting at the feet of my assistant as she reads all the newest books to keep up with new ways for sustainable products using valuable natural resources right here on Starwind. My assistant loves riding her beautiful Paso Finos horses and I love keeping them company and getting fresh air and exercise at the same time.


Sidney Ziggy Star Dust aka Sidney
General Manager
Rescue from Bozeman, Mt.

I am a Golden Doodle and General Manager of Starwind Montana. I joined the company March 24th 2013. My assistant is Gaye Murray who came highly recommended by Desiree. Gaye has been involved in the pet industry for the past forty years. Desiree's assistant, Sharon, felt she was the right person for the job because of her background, her love for animals combined with her skills of organization, research, grant writing, business management and her love for trade shows.

She does a good job working with the staff and our business associates. However, she is best known in the office as the "slave driver". So what does that tell you!

I think the most challenging part of her job is marketing. The most rewarding part of her job is seeing Desiree, Sidney, Snuggle Bug, Wee Willie, Roxy & Riley, Sophia Loren, Melanie dog, and Eddie dog, and their assistants work together as a team.

I asked Gaye, what would you be doing had you not got this job. She said she would be full time training her miniature horses for Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy to be used by councilors, Military Veterans and educating folks they are more than a toy horse. Take them to hospitals, schools, retirement homes and let them bring smiles to folk's faces.

I live with my assistant at Shadow Makers Ranch. When we get to the ranch at night I have to go check out all the mini horses and see what they have been up to while I was at work. I follow Gaye around as she takes care of them every morning and night. This is how I relax when I am not working. We also play ball, Frisbee, fetch up house slippers for the man of the house and keep him company.

Snuggle Bug

Rescued in White Sulphur Springs, MT

My name is Snuggle Bug, aka Jack of all Trades, and my assistant is Ruby Evans. Our first day at Starwind was August 1, 2013. My assistant is a designer, seamstress, wood craftsman, chef, and she cleans too! Ruby is better known as a "maniac for crafts". She really knows what she is doing. I have been encouraging her to get her butt back in the woodshop and design us another amazing bed and bring Desiree's vision for new beds to life! Her biggest challenge is figuring out the patterns for new designs and getting them to work! My assistant, Ruby, is an amazing artist!

She has all the skills I looked for in an assistant. Ruby sewed for Bent Needle for 12 plus years making wheel chair accessories for handicap children. She has 36 plus years of experience that led her into this amazing career path. If she doesn't know what to do, she educates herself to make all things better. She loves everything about her job.

She is also an executive assistant to our General Manager, Sidney, which includes everything from coding our shopping cart to making YouTube videos, slide shows and anything else that Sidney's assistant Gaye can dream up for her to do.

If Ruby had not followed this career path, she would be her mother's live in assistant and maintaining her mother's place which is also rewarding. Ruby is so talented and creative she even built her mother Storage Sheds!

You wouldn't believe how Ruby relaxes! She plays ball with me and takes me for walks. Her relaxing is figuring out new artistic designs to create and present to Desiree and then there is those times she just veg's out in front of the boob tube with me close by.

Miss Riley & Miss Roxy

Miss Riley & Miss Roxy
Whitehall, Montana

We are Chorky's with very important jobs for an amazing company in Livingston, Montana, StarwindMt LLC. We started at Starwind in 2013. We have an amazing Specialty Assistant that can keep up with the both of us and all the other department heads at Starwind. Her Name is ClaraSue Kostman. We call her our 'go to' girl; who will help us get things taken care of; someone we can rely on when we are in need of extra assistance.

At first we helped at trade shows, which is one of our favorite things to do because we love meeting great people, pet celebrities and movie stars. This included loading and unloading the trailer with product and trade show displays. Getting the booths set up to perfection, greeting customers, processing customer credit cards, knowing our product inside and out. We get to travel with our General Manager, Sidney, to all these events. It is so much fun. Our favorite part is when we went to New Mexico to the Albuquerque Music & Film Experience and we finally met Starwind's Pet Celebrity spokes dog, Little Dog in the Big City, the lovely Miss Sophia Loren. It was so exciting when we found out we are Sophia's country cousins. We can't wait until we go back in April 2016.

We learned a new skill while in NM from our country cousin's human, Anne Maria Tafoya, Starwind's Social Media and marketing expert Anne Maria Tafoya. She guided our assistant and gave her pointers on Social Media. So guess what, now ClaraSue plays a significant role in our social media. Right now she is in the process of designing a paper/digital product catalog. Her talents never seize to amaze us!

ClaraSue is also an assistant to Snuggle Bug and Ruby in the shop cutting fabric and foam, making beautiful quilts and blankets, and helping out wherever she can in the shop in Livingston. This requires us traveling to the shop and we don't get to very often as it so far. This is our biggest challenge. It makes for long days and we get really tired.

When we are not working we call her Mommy and the man of the house Daddy. On one of those long drives back to Whitehall, we asked Mommy, what would you do if you weren't working for Starwind? She wants to have her own company making Doggie clothes and accessories. It has always been her dream.

We love to relax with Mommy, our other 3 doggies, and all the farm animals and of course by Mommy and Daddy's side! Mostly we love being with our family.

Wee Willie Nelson

Wee Willie Nelson
Finance Director

I came to StarwindMt with my assistant, DebDeb, in July of this year.

As Finance Director, I have a lot of fun pushing beans into piles of different colors with my nose. I then count all the beans in each pile and have my assistant distribute them to various dog houses, so that everyone gets whatever they need to help our company be a success.

I have a very keen sniffer, and I'm REALLY into organization and Feng Shui!

I get great satisfaction from seeing beans left over in my dog house after everyone else gets theirs.

The most challenging part of my job at Starwind is when the assistants take a lunch break... definitely not dog-centric! I'm supposed to wait in the other room, but it's hard not to join in the fun.

My most rewarding hours have been spent as a service animal, visiting folks in the hospital. I have helped people heal after surgery by sitting on the bed with them. One human's surgeon said he didn't want to visit the patient until I got there!

My favorite thing in the whole world is being on stage. When my new assistant found me at the Stafford Animal Shelter in Livingston I couldn't wait to compete at my first Bark-in-the-Park. I won first prize for best trick that year!

Miss Clover

Miss Clover
Executive Personal Assistant to Desiree

I am a highly intelligent Britany Spaniel with unique talents. Recently, I was hired by StarwindMt LLC who makes chemical free pet furniture. Right away I knew I needed a very talented assistant to carry out my day to day duties. Right under my nose was the perfect person, Melanie Martin. What made her so perfect is she already lives at Starwind Ranch with me. What makes her perfect for the job is her special qualities using natural and holistic approaches in caring for the animals. My assistant actually began working at Starwind Ranch in 1986.

Melanie already works closely with Desiree's assistant, Sharon. The two of them worked closely with Dr. Pitcarin who taught them how to implement natural and chemical free care, especially for canines. Later Melanie established a working relationship with Dr. Roger DeHAAN including phone consultations, past and present. He guides her to use unique and safe approach's to pet health care. Both men are well known established Homeopathic Veterinarians.

The most rewarding part for me and my assistant, Melanie, is being involved creating the concept to develop and produce, chemical free products, for the health of the pet implementing past experience and knowledge. I was just telling Melanie what a challenge it is to get everything done that we need to do in one day. Some days we feel we need a 10 hour work day. Then there are those days we would like to have a 10 day vacation but, then we would probably get 10 Mondays in row upon our return!!

I love walking with my assistant but after hours she is my mom and I love to fetch with mom. When we watch TV, I love to curl up beside her and take as much of the couch as I can! One day on our walk, I asked mom what she would be doing if we didn't work at the ranch and the furniture company. She said, "Well Miss Clover, I would be a professional in the field of alternative medicine for humans and animal! I would love growing organic foods commercially and educating people of their importance."

Miss Snoop Dog

Miss Snoop Dog
Reclamation Manager & Bronze Artist

I earned my name, Miss Snoop Dog, because I have to be involved in everything! I hear those snide remarks, "typical nosey Dachshund"! I reside at Starwind Ranch and I have an amazing assistant, Ed Jetty! Ed and I have been together for many years. We have many jobs as Ranch Technicians from feeding critters to improving the land.

Recently I was hired by StarwindMt LLC as their Reclamation Manager. I was told by Desiree to hire myself an assistant that could tolerate me – I think there saying I have a strong personality! Beings Ed Jetty is already my assistant Ranch Technician, no need to look any further.

I have a rewarding job and the back bone of my assistant. Together we reclaim cedar, pine fencing and downed timber from Starwind Ranch to be used in the production of Chemical free Pet Furniture. This fencing has stood for thirty plus years and was never chemically treated. All the fencing including the Jack Leg is put together with ring shank nails. Basically we saw them apart and pull the posts with a tractor. After pulling all the fencing, we haul it to the barn to prep it washing the wood with pure well water; no chemicals applied! We stand it up to thoroughly dry; stack it; store it; haul it to the manufacturing facility in Livingston as needed.

The most challenging is removing the old fencing which is overgrown with brush and add to this the varied weather conditions, steep terrain, and other elements that Montana offers. Most rewarding is in reclaiming and repurposing something that would have been scraped and make into something beautiful that folks will appreciate.

That is not all my assistant does. Ed has a third job! He is employed by Boyer Bronze in Livingston. I know you have all seen the beautiful bronze upgrade to single rail beds. In fact, Robert and Sibylle Redford own the very first bronze upgraded bed that was created by Ed Jetty. It resides at the Sundance Resort. They said, "It truly is a work of art and we know that our dogs will put it to good use!"

All of the bronze is fabricated from bronze stock. Hammering, grinding, and heating with a torch, add to that some welding to create a masterpiece in Bronze. No two finished beds are alike. Ed learned this skill starting in 1998 working as an apprentice in Art Foundries. He loves what he does and it shows in his artist creativity and talent in the finished product. He has created items from Bronze statues to restoration of historical pieces which includes a Remington Historical Broncho Buster horse that was cast in 1895 to name a few.

Ed and I was walking through the woods enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature and I asked him what he would do if he didn't already have three jobs! He said, "I am following my career with my work in bronze where I can use my free spirit and creativity in developing beautiful pieces of art that folks can be proud to own." This is Ed's passion.

Our favorite thing we love to is go for walks and enjoy nature. When we are not working, he really is my Dad. We have the privilege of living in the mountains with plenty of wildlife and streams. If I get separated from Dad, Mom says, "Where's your Dad?" I can always find him! He never gets too far from my snoopy nose!

Darren Cunningham

I am Kipper! I was rescued from the Dillon, Montana shelter by the Cunningham Family. I am this amazing Chocolate Lab. I have been working on amazing now for about 5 years!

I am an independent contractor and am blessed to be the head woodworker at Starwind Montana where we make Chemical Free pet furniture from reclaimed fencing. My human counterpart is Darren Scott Cunningham whom I oversee at the wood shop.

Darren loves the creativity of using his hands to shape and create these beautiful beds and works closely with the owner's vision and designs. They are more than a piece of furniture, they are truly a work of art. We love building something that all my furry friends can enjoy and be comfortable and the humans love having in their homes.

Darren moved here in 2000 after graduating from the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Design. Kipper asked Darren why Montana? He said, "Having grown up backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California and Nevada, the Montana landscape was irresistible."

Other than woodworking and Architecture, Darren makes time for:

  • His wife of 21 years, Stephanie, and his two daughters, Molly and Ripley.
  • The shooting sports and reloading.
  • R&D and the production of audiophile quality media servers.
  • His pets, 3 dogs and 3 cats.
  • Backpacking and fishing.
  • Running and cycling.
  • Snowboarding.
  • A small amount of banjo playing.

When we are not working, myself, Molly and Ripley enjoy relaxing with our other pets and enjoying a great life with the Cunningham family.